Myth or Fact: Top 6 Atlanta car insurance myths Part 1

Part 1: Red Cars Are More Expensive to Insure- True or False?

Admittedly, your Atlanta Car Insurance isn’t the easiest code to crack. We, here at Lloyd Pro Group pride ourselves in being patient and each agents speaks a language that most insurers don’t: YOUR language! We are here to answer any questions and explain your policy the way you can clearly understand. We make sure you know what is covered and what is not, and make sure you make smart decisions for the betterment of you and your family. We know there are rumors, urban legends, myths… about many things that are unexplained. Don’t let insurance be one of them. Here, we expose some of the myths that you may have heard in this new miniseries of Insurance truths!

Myth or Fact? Part 1: Red cars are the most expensive to insure.

The Fact is Red will not cost you more than yellow, blue, black, or gold. Roughly 29% of drivers surveyed by Nationwide Insurance think car color is a determining factor when it comes to Atlanta Insurance rates — especially if a car is red. Most insurance companies will not even ask about the color of your car when they’re putting together your Atlanta car Insurance quote.

More than likely, the myth came from the fact that people with red sports cars have the image of being wild and reckless, but it isn’t true. Many people think that red stands out in the eyes of the law and drivers of red cars receive more tickets since they are profiled with this steamy persona. Simply not true. Insurers are interested in the year, make, model, body type, engine size and age of your vehicle. The color may be an important factor when you buy your car, but it really doesn’t matter to your insurance company.

Lloyd Pro group, your favorite Atlanta insurance agency, proudly representing Nationwide Insurance in Atlanta, has the answers for you when it comes to myths and facts regarding your insurance. Give us a call at 404-892-2864 or find us online at We will set the record straight and make sure you clearly understand your Atlanta Car Insurance.

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