What is the REAL cost of traffic in Atlanta?

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What is the REAL cost of traffic in Atlanta? (And we are not even discussing the impact on cheap auto insurance in Atlanta.)

FIRST we will look at this beautiful INFOGRAPHIC from Nationwide.

Then we will compare that to our local Atlanta Commute.

Finally we want to hear from you below on the length of your commute.

Nationwide InfoGraphic: The Real Cost Of Road Congestion
Provided by Nationwide Insurance

We have established one thing for suree that Time wasted in gridlock is COSTLY:

So here is a recap of the logest annual commutes in the USA

  • Washington DC – 74 hrs
  • Chicago, Il –  71 hrs
  • Los Angeles, CA – 64 hrs
  • Houston , TX – 51 hrs
  • New York, NY – 51 hrs

So Compared to the graphics where does Atlanta Stack up next to the top 5 most congested cities?

Notice what the cleanaircampaign.org website has to say about the Atlanta commute:

  • Because of congestion, the average metro Atlanta driver annually wastes 20 gallons of gas – giving the region the twelfth most wasteful commute in the country. (2011 Texas Transportation Institute Mobility Report)
  • According to the Texas Transportation Institute’s Urban Mobility 2010 study, the average metro Atlanta commuter wastes an average of 43 hours a year stuck in traffic in addition to “normal” commuting time.
  • This gridlock costs Atlanta commuters almost $3 billion in time and fuel—roughly $924 per commuter, per year.
  • With an average commute distance of 35 miles in metro Atlanta, individuals that commute alone spend approximately $16.45 per day, $362 per month for their transportation to and from the office. (Based on AAA’s 2012 national average cost per mile of 47 cents per mile for operating and ownership costs, when a vehicle is driven 15,000 miles/year.)
  • According to Forbes, In Atlanta, 12.7% of commuters spend more than an hour getting to work.

This infograpic places Atlanta as # 9 in the top 10 worst cities for traffic jams.

Where is Atlanta in the list of worst traffic jams in Atlanta?

What are Atlanta bloggers saying about commuting?

So what is the answer to reduce the traffic jams in Atlanta?

How about YOU?

How long is your traffic commute Atlanta?

What have you done to help the situation?

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