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  1. Tips for Employee Health and Fitness

    by owner

    In the past, providing employee healthcare was looking upon as a standard expense that businesses paid in order to attract and retain the top employees. However, in recent decades, the cost of healthcare has skyrocketed causing employers to look at ways to reduce the expense of providing health insurance. One of the ways that employers […]

  2. Check Your Insurance Before Summer Arrives

    by owner

    As the temperatures rise and seasons change, the warmer weather brings with it a host of new responsibilities. Whether you’re getting ready for a road trip, taking the boat out on the lake or enjoying your backyard pool, you want to check your insurance coverage before the arrival of summer. Backyard family fun: Pools, trampolines […]

  3. Tips for Resolving Work Conflicts

    by owner

    When it comes to resolving conflicts in the workplace, sticking the head in the sand is a common practice especially in the corporate world. The truth is that this cliché defines the approach of managers and workers who face some sort of problem at the office. There is a false perception that ignoring a conflict […]

  4. Driving Safely in the Rain

    by owner

    Category: Auto Insurance

    The spring season is likely to bring lots of rainfall, so you should make sure that you are ready for tricky driving conditions on slippery roads. When it rains, the traction between car tires and the road is significantly reduced. The basic laws of physics imply that the stopping distance drastically increases when friction is […]

  5. Tips for Youth Sports Safety

    by owner

    Kids who play competitive sports are at risk of getting injuries that may be mild to severe. Physical trauma is a real possibility in contact sports such as football, soccer, baseball and basketball. Fortunately, organized sports require participants to wear protective gear and follow official rules. A level of adult supervision provides a sense of […]

  6. How much home insurance should I have?

    by frank

    Will you make this common mistake when getting homeowners insurance? A homeowners becomes very DEPRESSED after they experience a pipe break in their home or damage from a storm. Why do they become DEPRESSED? It is very simple. They chose their home insurance policy simply by PRICE. You see they never stopped to THINK about […]

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