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  1. How much home insurance should I have?

    by frank

    Will you make this common mistake when getting homeowners insurance? A homeowners becomes very DEPRESSED after they experience a pipe break in their home or damage from a storm. Why do they become DEPRESSED? It is very simple. They chose their home insurance policy simply by PRICE. You see they never stopped to THINK about […]

  2. Preparing Your Home for Spring

    by dvanopdorp

    Category: Home Maintenance

    As the winter season breaks it is time to maintain and care for any home or property you own. Getting your property ready for the spring and summertime can be done within just a few days once you have an understanding of what needs inspection and maintenance. Preparing your home for spring is possible with […]

  3. How to Manage Your Health

    by owner

    Although there may be extensive variables that contribute to the establishment of a healthy lifestyle, the bottom line is that it’s up to you to manage your health. In order to properly manage your health, you may need to rely on outside sources such as physicians, dieticians, a support system or other resources. The following […]

  4. How to Volunteer with Your Kids

    by owner

    Category: Family

    Volunteering for a great cause is much easier than applying for a job. Charitable organizations and other institutions are more than happy to accept any individuals who are willing to provide some assistance. Schools often have significant partnerships with plenty of local facilities and other entities that are seeking some volunteers throughout the year. During […]

  5. Does Big Business Back Obamacare?

    by frank

    The Supreme Court is hearing arguments challenging the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. What is the biggest source of contention? The PPACA has a provision of federal tax subsidies to make health insurance affordable for the less-well-off. The biggest complaint of the plaintiffs? The four Virginia residents say they can’t afford coverage but claim […]

  6. 5 reasons Atlanta businesses are a cyber security risk

    by frank

    Small business are more vulnerable than larger businesses for a number of reasons: As we discussed in our last article 60% of all data breaches from cyber attacks are on small businesses. Why do cyber thieves love Atlanta businesses just like yours? It is simple. Small businesses usually have have less security measures in place than big businesses […]

  7. Improving Indoor Air Quality

    by owner

    Category: Home Maintenance

    Poor air quality, such as pollution, is something that most people correlate with the outdoors. However, offices, homes, and other types of dwellings can make the air that you breathe indoors just as hazardous as the outdoors. The following steps can aid in improving the quality of air inside your home. Keep Your Floors Clean […]

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