Atlanta Cyber Insurance: Do You Need It?

by frank

If you are like many small businesses in Atlanta you may never have heard of cyber insurance before…

So you probably never thought of contacting a local cyber insurance agency either.

Recently you may remember that Target had a data breach of their customers information that used a  credit card to buy things at their stores.

 70 million people were affected.

That raises a few questions:

  1. What exactly is cyber risk insurance?
  2. Why do I need this for my small business?

Lets take that first question…

cyber insurance in AtlantaWhat exactly is affordable cyber security insurance?

Cyber insurance his known by many names. You might have heard it be called by e-commerce, e-business, information security, cyber risk, network security, or hackers insurance.

Now data breaches are just one form of a cyber attack.

Here are a few examples of how hackers insurance could protect your business:

  1. Data breach/privacy crisis
  2. Virus cripple your PC network
  3. Multimedia/Media liability defamatory remarks as well as website and intellectual property rights infringement.
  4. Network security liability.
  5. Your website got hacked
  6. Denial of service attacks

Now why should you be concerned about your clients private info being stolen?

Did you know that breach victims are 8 times more likely to become victim of ID theft?

As we reported last February, a whopping 22.5 percent of consumers who received notice of a security breach, like the one that occurred at Target, subsequently became victims of identity theft, according to a survey of 5,000 consumers by Javelin Strategy and Research, a California consulting firm that has studied this crime for more than 10 years.

Lets’ not just pick on Target.

In the past year BIG names like:

Why do you need the best Cyber liability insurance in Georgia?

You might be thinking I already have liability insurance already…

However, in this article, Data breaches: A new source of worry for CEOs notice these two reasons why you should seriously pay attention.

  1. Target’s chief executive, Gregg Steinhafel, is the first boss of a major corporation to lose his job over a theft of customer data. So “This is a wake up call to CEOs that data security is something that affects their customers,” Humphrey says. “If you’ve had your identity stolen you know it’s a huge headache. I think they have to take this very seriously.” Think of how this would impact your business.
  2. Target’s revenue, earnings and stock price have all suffered since the breach’s disclosure in December. If your clients data was breached and they blamed you and stopped doing business with you, how would that impact your business?

REMEMBER, if these billion dollar companies have been hacked, how EASY would it be for your small business data to be breached?

Reach out to us to show you how affordable network insurance can be for your business.

Doesn’t your clients deserve peace of mind?

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