Commercial Property Insurance

In recent years, natural weather catastrophes have spelled disaster for many businesses. Commercial property insurance can help ease your fears.

Owning a business takes a lot of guts. It is a big decision to become your own boss and invest your life into something so significant. In Georgia, it may seem a bit easier – what with Atlanta being consistently ranked as a top place for business and careers. However, you know that owning a successful business is about more than that – there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle.

At Lloyd Pro Group, we like to think of insurance as the most important piece to the puzzle. You know when you start a big jigsaw and you have all of the pieces spread out on the floor? Insurance is that first corner piece you lay down – guiding you through the rest of the task. When it comes to protecting your business, there are many “insurance” pieces to your puzzle – one of which is commercial property insurance.

A Sense Of Security

When you consider all that can go wrong in the course of a day, it can be overwhelming to imagine how that might impact your business. Natural disasters such as hurricanes or floods can wreak havoc on property and when you have business property, what can you do to protect yourself?

You can consult your business insurance agent at Lloyd Pro Group.

Whether it’s a fire, flood, theft or even vandalism, your property can get the protection it needs from commercial property insurance. In Georgia, all businesses begin with a Business Owners Policy (BOP) and you may even have general liability insurance – but sometimes, that is not enough.

With commercial property insurance, you can get that sense of security you are looking for when it comes to your buildings and property. You will work with our agents to build a policy that fits your unique needs and can protect against the risks your business faces. You can include coverage for:

  • The structures of your business – including the buildings, garages, and more
  • Damage to the property of others
  • Any furniture or personal property inside of your business
  • Equipment
  • Lost inventory due to an insurable peril
  • Landscaping and outdoor signage

The cost of repairing or replacing commercial property can add up just as fast as a fire can get out of hand. However, with commercial property insurance, you can protect your investment, your wallet, and your property. All you have to do is give us a call at 877-341-5728 and we can get things started for you today! Don’t let a fear of the unknown risks your property may face worry you any longer, let us offer you the Atlanta business insurance protection you need today!

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