Group Health Insurance Quotes In Atlanta

Affordable Group Health Insurance Quotes In Atlanta From Lloyd Pro Group

If you own or manage a small business have you thought about the advantages that will come with offering your employees group health benefits and insurance?

Did you know that group health coverage is much more affordable than most realize?

Group health insurance will cover the employer, employees, and many times the dependents of the employees. This type of health insurance is beneficial for you, the employer, because it will help you recruit and retain the best workers. And the benefits for the employees are obvious as they will have medical coverage should they professional attention. Also, if your employee has a history of medical issues, they cannot be turned down, as is possible with an individual plan.

This means both YOU and your prospective employees win BIG TIME.


When your employees are healthy, your business is healthy.

Providing group benefits is always a major concern and a major cost.

But an affordable group health benefits plan is closer than you think.

Our agency will compare group benefits packages from multiple carriers to find you the coverage your employees need at a price you deserve.

We work with premium carriers who can provide group coverage needs, no matter how large or small your company is.

Three Reasons To Get Group Health with Lloyd Pro Group

1. Attract the Very Best and Brightest

The success of your business begins and ends with your employees. Attracting the best and brightest talent to your company means offering the best possible benefits package.

With the group health benefits plan at Lloyd Pro Group , you can be sure you’re offering the most comprehensive, affordable life and health care solutions on the market.

You only get the best by getting the best!

2. You get to Take Control of Your Company’s Health Care Dollars

Where do your health care dollars really go?

They may not be going directly towards your company’s health benefits.

With health care costs on the rise, you need to be able to track your costs and control your overhead. [[AsiCompanyName]] has access to premium group health providers and will work to get your company an affordable, trackable health care package.

3. Lower Monthly Costs = Happier Employees + Happier CEO

Is your group health plan cutting into your bottom line?

At Lloyd Pro Group, we only work with premium carriers who can meet the needs of any sized company or workforce.

Let us help you find the group health coverage your employees need, for a price you can afford.

Protect your bottom line while you’re protecting your employees.

Contact us for a free Atlanta group health insurance quote today!

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