Could a trampoline affect your home owners insurance?

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trampolineJust say the word “trampoline” and you will  see the eyes of a young child light up with excitement. While they are fun for kids of all ages, if you have ever had a child hurt on one of these contraptions, you know exactly how serious it can be.

Parents you are not alone. Insurance companies are beginning to feel the same way. In fact, a new trend is showing that many of them are raising Georgia home insurance rates rates. Some are even canceling policies. The number one reason why is because of all of the trampoline related injuries that are occurring.

Take note of a few scary statistics from a recent Consumer Product Safety Commission Report:

  • There have been 11 deaths related to trampoline accidents since 1990
  • Did you know that children can bounce up to 30 feet high on a trampoline?
  • Reports show that there are more than 100,000 hospital emergency room cases for trampoline injuries each year.

Now you can see why there is such a concern. If you have a trampoline at home encourage your children to have fun but warn them how easy it is to get if they are not careful.

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