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Georgia home insurance: Protecting your home from Fire: Fire Extinguishers

Having an active Georgia homeowners insurance policy with Lloyd Pro Group is your very first step in protecting your home, belongings, and family. Lloyd Pro Group will help you with the best in homeowner claims and customer service. The thing about homeowners insurance is that you really don’t want to have to use your home insurance. This may sound like common sense, but your job is to protect your home and family. And it is our job to help you with this.

Your Home Insurance: Protecting Your Home From Fire: Fire Extinguishers

Before resorting to putting a Fire Extinguisher to Use, take these notes:

If you have any doubt about your personal safety, or if you can’t extinguish the fire, leave the room or area immediately and close the doors to (but do not lock them). Exit the building and call 9-1-1.

If your clothing is on fire (and the floor is not), STOP, DROP and ROLL on the ground to extinguish the flames.

Fire Extinguisher Safety Tips

–       Make Fire Extinguishers handy in your home- and anywhere there may be a fire on your property (ie, near grills or fire pits)
–       Check that you have at least one UL Listed Fire Extinguisher in your home
–       If you have a multi-level home, keep one handy on each floor.
–       Check the gauge to be sure that it is fully charged
–       Learn the instructions now so in case of emergency, you are not faltering with how to operate the extinguisher

These seem like basic things to protect your home and your family, but they are essential. Stay tuned for the next installment of our new miniseries about fire prevention and children.

Lloyd Pro Group, representing Nationwide Insurance, is your home insurance source for protecting your home, whether with home safety tips such as this blog series, or with making sure you have the most comprehensive homeowners insurance coverage at the best price.

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