Homeowners Insurance: Christmas Tree Safety

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You can never be too safe around the holidays-especially with your cheap homeowners insurance.  The holidays are our favorite time of the year for decorating and spreading the Christmas Cheer! But this also heightens the awareness of keeping your home and family safe. First, make sure your homeowners insurance is in good working order, covering you for all that you need. Second, be sure to follow these safety tips when putting up your tree and decorations:

Holiday Decorating Safety to Prevent Home Fires:

-Make sure your tree is properly secured in its tree stand.
-Keep your tree (live or artificial) away from any heaters, radiators, vents, and the fireplace.
-Remember to water the tree daily to keep it alive and moist. Don’t let it dry out or it could become even more of a fire hazard!
-As nice of idea as it may seem, DON’T EVER put candles on your tree. Sounds simple enough…
-Turn off the Christmas tree lights while you are not home or sleeping.
-Be careful not to overload the electrical outlets, which can cause an electrical fire.
– Remember even the smallest fire, no matter the cause, can engulf a house in minutes.

We, here at Lloyd Pro Group, love to hear from our clients- especially around this time of year- but only with yuletide greetings- not with claims, such as those coming from a tree disaster. We are hoping the worst problem you will have this Holiday season is picking a tree without a bald spot. With these tips and your homeowners insurance in place, you should be all set to have a jolly holly Christmas!

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