Homeowners Insurance; Fire Prevention and Kids

Atlanta homeowners insurance: Talking Fire Prevention with Kids

Having an active affordable homeowners insurance policy with Lloyd Pro Group is your very first step in protecting your home, belongings, and family. We help you with the best in homeowner claims and customer service if ever the need. Now, it’s great to have homeowners insurance in the case of an emergency, but you really don’t ever want to have to use it- especially when it comes to your family. That’s why talking to your kids about fire prevention is the first defense to accompany a home insurance offense.

Your Homeowners Insurance: Talking to your kids about fire prevention

Teaching your kids about Fire Prevention is the absolute first defense. Of course, we all learned about stop, drop, and roll, but don’t leave it up the fire men at a school field trip to explain it to them. When they are in their home environment and can apply what you teach them in the environment they are comfortable and will use this knowledge, it will come much more naturally to them.

–          Never play with matches, lighters, or candles.
–          Never play with electrical cords and never put anything in electrical outlets.
–          Do not touch thermostat settings without a grown up’s help.
–          Blankets and clothing should never the put on top of lamps (making tents, dirty laundry, dim/night light)
–          And of course, teach them to stop, drop, and roll.

To help you with your talk, look at it from your child’s perspective. Take a child’s eye tour of your home and see what catches your eye. Getting on their level will help you realize what they see and how they see it. It will help you identify potential dangers so you are able to remove and adjust these hazards accordingly. Make sure you check your kids’ secret or hiding spots that they may get into. Even though you may be having this talk for the first, time, check for evidence of fire play.

These things seem pretty sensible to protect your home and your family, but they are the first steps to keeping your family safe. Stay tuned for the next episode of our new miniseries about fire prevention and creating a safety plan with your family.

Lloyd Pro Group, representing Nationwide Insurance, is your homeowners insurance resource for protecting your home, whether with home safety tips such as this blog series, or with making sure you have the most thorough homeowners insurance coverage at the lowest price.

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