How to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim

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When disaster strikes and it is time to make a claim to your homeowners insurance policy, some folks aren’t sure what the best first steps are to take. The first step is already taken- you have adequate homeowners insurance coverage with Lloyd Pro Group. Now what? Here are the easy steps to take when filing a homeowners insurance claim:

How to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim

When any kind of disaster strikes your home, it can be devastating in many ways. By knowing how to file an insurance claim on your homeowners insurance policy, you will get your life back on track quickly.

  • First thing: Call your insurance agent. If it is after normal business hours, call your claims center on your policy. There should always be a 24 hour service center to take you call in case of emergency.
  • If you haven’t already completed a home inventory, start by making a list of all of your property that was damaged or lost. It is easiest to separate by rooms. It’s hard enough to remember what you own when you have it under your nose, much less when it is lost. Having a home inventory completed will not only ease your mind, but make the claims process much easier. Make sure once your home inventory is complete, keep it somewhere safe besides in your home.
  • Take detailed and overview photos of the damage. Don’t just record only structural damage, but the damage to your contents as well. Don’t wait until your adjuster can come out to take photos.
  • If your home is still relatively safe to live in, start any temporary repairs that will prevent any further damage from occurring. For example, if there is damage to your roof, be sure to use plastic or some other water resistant material to cover the holes and alleviate even more water damage. Your homeowners insurance policy may not cover damage that was not protected if it could have been avoided.
  • Get at least one estimate from a trustworthy, licensed, and insured contractor to repair the damage caused to your home. The goal here is to bring your property back to the condition it was in before the damage first occurred.

Making a claim to your homeowners insurance policy is a relatively easy process. Your insurance coverage should put you at ease while in the process of repairing the damage to your home. Your Lloyd Pro Group agent will be sure that you have all of your questions answered and you are comfortable with the process itself. For any questions on your current policy or for a fast and free homeowners insurance quote, please give us a call.

Common home insurance questions:

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