Recycled BEER bottle houses

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IMAGINE building YOUR home out of beer bottles.

Don’t worry you don’t actually SEE any beer bottles because the bottles are recycled and made into a Eco-Friendly GreenStone (recycled glass).

This is the brainchild of smart folks at Realm of Design in Nevada.

To expose the world to their product they are using it to build their new office seen above in this picture.

Approxiomately 200,000 pounds of Green Stone compose the facade for Realm of Design’s new corporate office.

WHY use recycled beer bottles?

For Scott McCombs, co-owner of Realm of Design, goes on to say:

“The expense we incur crushing glass into sand is very expensive compared to buying sand,” McCombs said. “But it seemed like the right thing to do. Typically, all the glass used here (in Las Vegas) is going into a landfill.”

How do they make greenstone?

“To make Green Stone, Realm of Design pulverizes the bottles into sand and mixes the crushed glass with cement. As with the glass in Green Stone, the cement is reused: While conventional cement is manufactured from ground rock that’s heated to nearly 3,000 degrees, Green Stone’s cement comes from ash generated by coal-fired power plants — ash that’s also destined for landfills. The result? A building product that’s virtually 100 percent reused materials.” source

Think about this…

“Glass takes about 4,000 years to decompose, so this one building kept the equivalent of eight football fields (each filled to the top of the goal posts!) out of U.S. landfills.” source

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