Will My Home Insurance Pay For Sewer Back Up Clean Up?

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Atlanta home insurance and sewer back up

Atlanta home insurance and sewer back up

You know how hard you work at keeping your bathrooms clean. Now , close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine how disgusting it would be to see raw sewage overflowing from your toilets in your bathroom.  Now imagine what it would be like to have to clean it all up yourself!

But wait… that is what I have Atlanta homeowners insurance for, right?

Will my homeowners insurance policy cover me for sewer back up?

The answer really depends on you. Allow me to explain.  Typically, sewage backups are  not covered by home insurance policies unless you purchase a special rider for them to do so.  Unfortunately, most homeowners do not find out about this until it is too late.

Will the city pay for my sewer backup cleanup?

After exhausting the possibility of having your insurance company pay for cleanup, many people try to go after the city they live in. After all…  this is what they pay water and sewage tax for, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, the city isn’t liable unless the homeowner can prove negligence … and is willing to go to court to fight it out.

Where does that leave you and your overflowed toilets?

Sorry to say you will have to clean them yourself or pay someone o do so. The good news is that since this hasn’t actually happened yet. (Hopefully!)  Go get your policy now and read it. If you have a question pick up the phone and contact your local insurance agent and they will tell you if you are covered or not. The best part of this is that you can add a rider to your policy for anywhere from $50 to $100. Considering the alternatives, I think you will agree it is worth it.

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