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It is estimated that 14,000 people were injured in 2011 while decorating their home. Fortunately, holiday decorating injuries can be prevented. Below is a list of tips for safely decorating your home to prevent house fires.

Buy A Fire-Resistant Tree
Many of the home fires that occur each year are due to artificial trees. If you choose to purchase an artificial tree, then you should purchase one that has been labeled fire resistant. Fire-resistant trees are less likely to catch on fire.

Secure Candles
Lit candles should be kept on a sturdy base in order to prevent them from falling over and causing a fire. You should also avoid leaving a lit candle unattended.

Work As A Team
House decorating should be a team effort. Not only will the decorating get done faster, but it will be safer if everyone works together. For example, if you are standing on a ladder while hanging decorations or lights, then you want to make sure you have someone there supporting the ladder.

Do Not Burn Holiday Paper In The Fireplace
Many people use their fireplace to get rid of holiday paper. However, this is a bad idea because paper is very flammable and could contain plastics. It is better to dispose of or recycle your holiday paper.

Keep Your Tree Away From A Heating Source
You will need to keep your tree away from a heater or fireplace. You should also have an extinguisher in your home. Both artificial and live trees are flammable.

Light Safety
If you have any lights with broken sockets, loose connections, or frayed wires, then you will need to replace them. You also want to make sure you turn all of the lights off before you leave your home or go to bed. Additionally, you should avoid using tacks or nails when you are hanging the lights.

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