Safety Tips with Buses Back on the Road

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School buses have the difficult task of shuttling children around all day long. This is why there are special rules regarding the buses. It is important to remember what to do when school buses start appearing again. Follow these safety tips with school buses back on the road.

  • Flashing Lights Mean To Stop: A major tip is that flashing lights on a school bus mean to stop. The brake lights might be flashing or a special stop sign on the side could fold out with flashing lights. These flashing lights are clear signs that the bus is currently allowing children to board or exit. You must stop your car in this situation. Stopping is required even if you are driving the other way and are several lanes distant from the bus. Continue on only when the flashing lights have stopped and the bus starts moving again.
  • Divided Roads Are the Only Exception: One exception to the always stop for flashing lights rule is if you are on a divided road. This is a road where there is a substantial physical barrier in the center like a concrete island or trees. If you are traveling down a divided road and see a school bus on the other side of the barrier, then there is no need to stop. You should still slow down, however, since children could come running across the barrier into your lane.
  • Be Observant While Stopped: It is difficult for some people to image just how hard it is to see kids on the road under certain circumstances. A child could bend down directly in front of your vehicle to tie a shoe making him or her invisible. A group of kids could be in a blind spot behind your car where you cannot see them. You want to be observant while stopped. Track kids in front of you and near your car. Make sure you see them all get to safety before you begin moving again.


One Response to “Safety Tips with Buses Back on the Road”

  1. Driver’s Ed was a long time ago, and I had quite forgotten what to do when I come across a school bus. The rules that you described are simple enough, but I don’t think people know this as well as they should. It is important that school buses and really buses of any kind are treated properly to protect the passenger. Thank you for a detailed article about these rule, I will definitely remember this time!

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