Renters Face Fires Too

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One of the first purchases you should make when moving into a rental property is a sturdy fire extinguisher. It is an easy thing to overlook in the early mayhem of settling into a new place, as is securing renters insurance. Atlanta tenants should put both on high up on their list of priorities. A fire extinguisher could prove to be a lifesaving investment.

Contrary to popular belief, just because you live in an apartment does not mean you are not at risk for fire. Fires could break out for any number of reasons and when they do, there isn’t usually a lot of time to react. Having a reliable, well maintained extinguisher on hand may make the difference between a small flame-up on the stove and a raging inferno burning out of control.

As a renter, there’s no guarantee that your personal belongings would be covered by someone else’s policy- even if another party were found to be responsible.  Your landlord’s policy doesn’t cover your possessions either. These are just two of the many reasons you should want to minimize the threat of a blaze, which is where an extinguisher comes into play.

Fire extinguishers can be purchased from a range of stores however, it’s important to ensure you purchase the right type as there are different types of extinguisher for different types of fires. To purchase renters fire insurance in Atlanta tenants can contact our office to arrange a quote.

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