Attention Renters: Ways to Save Money on Insurance

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Renters insurance is a beneficial type of coverage that many tenants who rent apartments, single family homes, and other types of property may use to protect themselves from a number of unfortunate events and mishaps. Some landlords highly recommend that their tenants purchase coverage, and others may require it as a term of their lease agreement. While renters insurance may be beneficial, it can also be expensive for some budgets. Here are a few great tips you can implement to save money on your Atlanta renters insurance:

– Consolidating your insurance policies may help you to qualify for discounts offered by insurance companies. For example, if you purchase renters insurance through the same company that holds your car insurance policy, you may enjoy great savings.

– Renting a property with basic safety features in place may qualify you for additional discounts. You may consider contacting your insurance agent before you lease a property to determine which features would help you to qualify for a discount. Common features include dead bolt locks on the doors, security systems, fire sprinkler systems and fire alarms or smoke detectors. When talking to your insurance agent, inquire about the amount of savings available for each of these features. This can help you to find the right property for you to rent.

– You may not realize it, but your credit scores can impact your insurance rate. You can consider pulling a copy of your credit report and reviewing it for any blemishes that may need to be corrected. For example, correcting erroneous information that is being reported under your Social Security number may help you to qualify for the best rates on renters insurance.

When comparing rates and discounts on policies, you should also keep in mind that the terms and conditions of policies can vary from insurer to insurer. Because of this, when you shop for renters insurance, it is important to pay attention to the coverage in place for each policy.

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