BEWARE of car insurance scams

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car insurance scam alert

car insurance scam alert

Did you know there are many DUPED people driving around with FAKE car insurance?

It’s true.

In fact it may be more common than you realize.

Here is the scoop.

With such high rates today, drivers are often looking for a way to pay lower premiums.

Enter the scammers.

The bad guys shop around for new victims in many ways.

Notice how this report describes it:

“Some cruise car dealership lots and outside MVC offices, looking for someone about to buy, or who has just bought a car. Others advertise in newspapers and on web sites. Still others actually set up a phony office. They present business cards using the logos of real car insurance companies or sham insurance broker firms.

When a potential victim is hooked, the salesperson goes to work.

“While there are many different types of fraud, in many cases, fraudsters act as sham insurance agents and set up real insurance policies for unsuspecting consumers with invalid forms of payment that cause the policies to be cancelled for non-payment,” said Jeff Sibel, a spokesman for Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, one of the firms targeted by scammers in Michigan.”

Here is the SCARY part…

Having fake car insurance is a crime.

Whether you did it on purpose or were the victim of a crime yourself.

It could mean hundreds of dollars to even thousands of dollars of fines depending on what state you live in.

What can you do to protect yourself?

  1. Talk to friends and family about who they use to insure their car.
  2. Check them on line and read their reviews!
  3. Check out their Better Business Reviews.
  4. Use a local business with a real brick and mortar store.
  5. Call, click or come by any one of our 4 locations.


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