Tips for Dressing Warmly in Cooler Weather

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Regardless of where you live in this country, December typically means cooler temperatures. And, with cooler temperatures come unforeseen risks. It’s easy to catch a cold when you’re not dressed for the weather, so don’t get caught unprepared. Here are some tips for staying toasty this holiday season.

Dress for the Occasion

Knowing what you’re doing during the day will help you plan your outfit. For instance, if you’re jogging or hiking, you will likely dress lightly; however, you should still bring a light sweatshirt for afterwards. It’s easy to catch a cold after you’ve worked up a sweat and remain outside without extra layers.

Wear Layers

Layers are important for maintaining the best possible body temperature. Even if you think you’ll be too warm, bring that extra jacket just in case. If you’re worried about being too warm, consider dressing in several light layers that you can peel off as needed. If you’re visiting friends or relatives, perhaps it’s a good time to don the ugly sweater your nana made last season—you can always take it off it you get too warm.

Be Prepared

It’s always an uncomfortable experience when you’re not dressed for the weather—especially when you’re far from home. Consider stocking your car with an extra blanket, light sweatshirt or jacket. Having an extra layer might make the difference when you feel a chill.

Know Your Destination

If you’re traveling this holiday, be sure to research the climate of your destination. Anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere should be warm this time of year, but anywhere north will warrant some winter gear. Depending on your vacation spot, you might need to purchase articles like hats, gloves and even winter boots. Don’t wait to get these once you arrive because you might freeze before you find any!

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